It really is impossible to tell what will become a meme. Whether it’s a gorilla who was shot in captivity or a man with a moustache who was in the audience of a US presidential debate, it’s hard to pin down what special juice or “mojo” will force something into the collective psyche.

All we do know for sure is that, this time, it was a charmingly-yet-conservatively dressed gentleman named Kenneth Bone, who wore a sweater that warmed the heart of the nation.

Unlike most people who have suddenly become internet famous, he so far hasn’t had a single breakdown. I don’t know what crazy media training bootcamp I assume they threw him into, but between being at the debate and appearing on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ he became a surprisingly funny TV personality.

Kimmel got into all the important stuff, like had he intended to wear his now trademark sweater:

“No, it was going to be an olive-coloured suit that I like very much, my grandfather helped me pick it out a few years ago. I thought ‘Wow, grandpa would be so proud if I wore this suit’, but apparently I have gotten somewhat more fat since then, and when I got into my car I split the seat out of my pants and destroyed my olive suit, and had to do an emergency wardrobe change.”

Whether her’s received any offers yet for endorsements:

“I was hoping, maybe – do they still make moustache wax? I would make my own line.”

The reasons why he’s an undecided voter:

Donald Trump is maybe more in line with my economic interests because I work in coal electricity but I would really hate for anyone’s rights to be taken back. 

“We fought so hard to get marriage equality and rights expanded to more Americans, and it would be unconscionable to me to see those rights taken away by a supreme court justice appointed by Donald Trump.”

He also explained is interesting choice of using a disposable camera as being not so much a choice at all – apparently audience members had their electronics confiscated and were given the cameras so they could take their own happy snaps, which seems super weird.

Watch the whole damn thing right damn here:

Source and photo: Youtube.