WATCH: Deadpool Drags Wolverine, Gives Our Fair Nation A+ Shout-Out

Seriously, can y’all think of a movie that’s absolutely nailed its promotion as well as Deadpool has? Because we, for one, can’t think of anything that’s even gotten close.

So far we’ve seen the film dressed up as a Valentine’s Day weepy, we’ve seen Emoji billboards that have reduced the film to a mere skull/poop/L combination, and we’ve seen a buttload of absolutely badass looking trailers for the film that opens locally on February 11th.
And because of – or maybe in spite of – the fact that we’re getting it a day before the US does, we’ve now got this: Wade Wilson himself giving Australia a big ole’ fashioned shout out for Australia Day, complete with Ryan Reynolds almost-there ‘Strayan accent.
If the floppy cork hat isn’t enough to seal the deal, then the fourth-wall breaking diss on the utter stinker that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine will.

Deadpool hits local theatres on February 11th and we are FROTHING to see it.