WATCH: Dana Carvey’s Church Lady Returns To ‘SNL’ To Shade Ted Cruz/Satan

Saturday Night Live has had a fair few ‘Golden Ages’, but we’ll be damned if the platinum hair of one Dana Carvey’s iconic Garth wasn’t emblematic of the show’s most gilded era. 

Party on, dude. Later on, he starred in Master Of Disguise which wasn’t just a film for the bloke: he seriously transformed himself into an entire cavalcade of characters through his SNL career.

Here’s proof. On the show’s latest rendition, he resurrected his sneering, imperious Church Lady. And she was in the mood for subtle shade. And her guests included ‘Donald Trump‘ and ‘Ted Cruz’

Bonus points for riffing off the Texan senator’s recent comparison to Satan himself – how’s that for a bloody costume? We knew all along, Ted. 
Ever so soz for the tiny vid, but feel free to get demonic below:

Source and photo: YouTube.