WATCH: Damn, ‘Bachelor’ Richie Finally Unleashed Keira Back On Australia

After weeks of being the arbitrary and unwitting focal point of Australia’s ire, Keira Maguire was just let loose from The Bachelor by cool-as-a-banana Richie Strahan himself.

ICYMI – and by “it”, we mean “the entire series” – Keira set herself apart from the other women vying for the affections of ~ dat jawline ~ by actually treating the competition like a competition. 

Unfortunately, that competitive drive also seemed to manifest itself during the pair’s single date. After driving through a rainforest to a secluded yoga retreat, Keira blanked the bona fide instructor and commanded Richie stretch his loins in the exact manner of her choosing.
Mmm, relaxing.
It turns out that may have been the straw (chiropractic adjustment) that broke the camel’s (Richie’s) back, ’cause the man himself decided he was just about ready to call time on the whole Keira deal – before the sanitised, sappy rose ceremony, no less.

He just cut her loose. Finished. Donezo. 

Perhaps having his heart flogged by the unexpected departure of Megan has turned Richie into a cold, hard love-seeking machine. Maybe Keira isn’t the last of the contestants to have their reality TV dreams dashed. Maybe he just wants to devote more time to snogging Olena. 

Hell, maybe he just wanted to see everyone else’s faces. We know we’re gaining life from ’em.

Source and photo: Tenplay.