WATCH: Conan Shmooshing A Bear Cub Is Proof Good Things Still Happen

Conan O’Brien has apparently solved the age old problem of working with children and animals, and it’s working with animal children. 

Specifically, bear cubs. While the tamed bebe offspring of Australia’s fauna are undeniably cute and worthy of copious cuddles, seeing a bear cub in the America is usually shortly followed by seeing the inside of their mother’s stomach. 
Speaking of stomachs, Conan’s attempts at feeding a European brown bear cub on tonight’s show were less than matriarchal:
Bear handler David Mizejewski explained the animals are currently in a primo time to cuddle as they hadn’t yet developed the necessary muscle to shred our puny flesh from bone. They’re also apparently in decent nick as a species; black and brown bears are responding well to conservation efforts. 

They also are just, ugh. Look at it. LOOK. 

Feel free to learn more about giant North American killing machines / perfect angel munchkins below:

Source: Youtube.