Watch Conan O’Brien Jokingly Compare Ruby Rose To Justin Bieber

When you’ve only got a (reasonably) small recurring role on show made by an online streaming company, but you’re still getting asked on to US late night talk shows, you know your shit is blowing up.

Our very own Ruby Rose made an appearance on Conan earlier today, with the ‘Strayan VJ-cum-actress promoting Orange is the New Black.
And rather than simply ignore that giant, stinking elephant in the room, Conan instead chose to turn and directly address the issue that clearly everyone’s been dying to talk about.
Ruby kinda, sorta looks like Justin Bieber a little bit.
But owing to that healthy dose of Australian pluck all of us are ~blessed~ with from birth, she had a more than adequate retort lined up.

Tilda Swinton? Check.
Meryl Streep? Well, because of the nose, yeah.
Joel Edgerton? Uh… Because… He’s also a bloke? Maybe it’s in the eyes, IDK.
Either way, with a dry cool wit like that you’ll probably be seeing Rose on more of these shows in the future.
Blowing up.