WATCH: Chris Pratt Is Devo He Can’t Send Pics Of His Poop To Nick Offerman

I would say that I have a lot of good friends, I would also say I have a handful of close friends, and, hell, I’d even say I have a best friend (I love you, Shaun). Do I have a friend to whom I would send pictures of my bowel movements? No. Piss, maybe. Bowel movements? Absolutely not.
In this regard, Chris Pratt is not like me. Actually, in a lot of regards, Chris Pratt is not like me, but I’m only talking about this one. Somehow, the ridiculously handsome ‘Parks and Recreation‘ / ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ star has not one, but two friendships he considers close enough to be on a pictures-of-your-poop basis. Formerly being of the opinion that probably no one is on that basis, I was surprised.
Even more surprising is that those friends are his ‘Parks‘ co-stars Nick Offerman and Adam Scott. I don’t know if being on a TV show together forges a bond as deep as the ocean and as strong as a bear, or if it’s just that celebrities are super weird, but, here we are, talking about Chris Pratt’s poops.
In my defence, he spoke about them first, telling Conan O’Brien on ‘Conan‘ that he’s absolutely heartbroken that he’s had to stop the practice of poop-sharing ever since he got a fancy self-flushing Japanese toilet.
In his own words:
“For a long time, Nick, Adam, and I, we had this pact that if we had a really exceptional poop we would take a picture of it and send it to one another.

“You would look at a poop and think ‘That’s an Offerman, I’m sending that to Nick.‘ I think it started when I miraculously pooped an n-shape one time?”
The plot only thickens from there. Watch it with your very own eyeballs:
Try explaining this one to your nan.
Source and photo: YouTube.