WATCH: Chris Hemsworth Does One-Handed Pull-Ups Because He Can

You have one of two choices right now – you can watch a video of Thor star and swole individual Chris Hemsworth doing one-handed pull-ups, or you can not watch a video of Thor star and swole individual Chris Hemsworth doing one-handed pull-ups. 
You’ve made it this far, so obviously you’re at least somewhat curious about this necessary and important viral content. 
In the video, originally posted to the Captain America: Civil War Facebook page, Hemsworth ponders the Iron Man-Captain America match-up, then goes on to demonstrate his hammer-summoning skills. To sum up: saying:

“People have been asking me whether I’m Team Cap or Team Iron Man. Who cares? Where was the invite for me and Hulk? Just leave the two strongest, biggest Avengers out of this one, did you? Which is fine. Just one for the kids  … to have a scrap. The kids just have a scrap and we just sit on the sidelines. When you’re done messing around, then the big boys will just step in.”
Enjoy responsibly:
Source: Men’s Fitness.
Photo: VCG / Getty.