WATCH: The Cast Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Have Reunited To Fist Pump Like Champs

The cast of ‘Jersey Shore‘ are returning to our screens for a ‘Reunion Road Trip‘ – and E! have just dropped the first “fresh to death” trailers.

We didn’t realise just how bereft we’ve been these last five years without being able to watch the screwball antics of this “true family“, spending their summers living together – clubbing, tanning and bickering mostly – in a massive six-bedroom house.

JWoww, The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D and Sammi Sweetheart are all getting back in the cab, and, while they all may be older and wiser now – JWoww and Snooki now have children, and in 2014 The Situation said he was getting sober – there’ll definitely be plenty of mischief.

Yes, that was a shot of The Situation in a neck brace, and yes, Snooki straight-up said “The best thing that could happen is Jenni or Pauly getting arrested.” Truer words have never been spoken.

On top of the ‘Return to the Jersey Shore‘ trailer, they’ve also released a clip of The Situation and Snooki rolling up to collect Pauly D, who keeps them waiting in the car as he finishes his “gym, tan, laundry” routine. But don’t think that Pauly D hasn’t evolved – he’s apparently tried out a number of new ‘dos but reckons you “gotta go with what you know“. And, though he retains his “GTL lifestyle“, he does things a little differently these days:

The pilot episode of the new series, which will brings together casts from beloved TV shows to revisit every painful memory of their time on our screens, will air in the US on 20 August.