Blake Lively has has a go at a red carpet reporter who asked about her outfit as she was making her way to Variety‘s Power Of Women lunch in New York, firing back “would you ask a man that?”
The actress was attending the event in recognition of her work with the Child Rescue Coalition, an organisation that partners with law enforcement agencies around the world to curb child pornography. 
“Are we really doing this? Would you ask a man that?” Lively asked the unidentified reporter, who questioned her about her fashion choice. “I’m here so we … become more aware, and that we change, and that we build (women up),” she continued. “So, you can ask me another question.”
Later, at the event, Lively gave a speech in front of a world map that purportedly showed the locations of IP addresses of people currently viewing child pornography.
“The kids are getting younger and the content is getting more devastating,” she said. “When a law enforcement officer told me this, I asked, how young are the victims? And he told me infants — and I have a six-month-old daughter.”
Watch her exchange with the red carpet reporter below:

Source: Variety / USA Today.
Photo: Mike Coppola / Getty.