WATCH: ‘Billy On The Street’ Loses It Over A Margot Robbie Obstacle Course

Very slowly and then all at once, Billy On The Street transcended shouty vox-pops and became a full-on critique of celebrity culture. That being said, it’s not exactly like forcefully charismatic host Billy Eichner and the show’s content have gotten any less ridiculous, though.

At this point, it’s essentially the lovechild of Takeshi’s Castle and The Soup, which means BOTS’ take on the phenomenal rise of Margot Robbie involves a legitimate fucking obstacle course. 

Enlisting comic, actress and Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch to navigate the physical representation of Robbie’s 2016 is another demonstration of how pointed the show can be – even a literal Tarzan swing and a slippery dip can be used to depict the hustle of working entertainers without Robbie’s incredible clout.

It’s also very goddamn funny, so watch it right now: