Scientists have yet to work out exactly why, but Jeopardy! seems to attract a lot of contestants who absolutely snap at the faintest hint of pressure, giving weird answers that give even Family Feud a run for its money.

The episode which aired yesterday in the United States though… I can’t stop thinking about it. Contestant Kevin was given a real simple answer, in Jeopardy! termsv – “A hired killer”. If you’re still somehow unsure of how this game works, all he had to do is ask “What is a hitman?” and he would have a could double hundo in hand.
That is not what Kevin did.

What Kevin did instead is yell “HOT GUN!” into the mic. Not only is that not a thing that anyone has ever said, it’s also not even phrased as a question. It is inexplicable why this is so funny. It could be his little strangled ‘OOF’ after he gets it wrong. I think this tweet nails it.

Rule #1 for being on a game show: make some attempt to learn the basic rules before you get up. It would be ideal.
Source: Twitter.