Oh, bless the Oscars. The weird, wonderful mess of a thing where bears rock up and Minions hand out awards and everything goes a little batshit crazier the long that the ceremony drags on.

And in the middle of all that wonder and bemusement, why the hell not have a ragtag bunch of droids rock up to pay tribute to a composer?

Right in the middle of proceedings, C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8 all ambled onto the stage in order to give a neat little shoutout to iconic composer John Williams, and to make all Star Wars nerds watching simultaneously crappeth their dacks.


You might think you’re excited about seeing that, but you’re never going to be as adorably excited as Jacob Tremblay was when the droids we were all clearly looking for arrived.

Oh, bless him.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty.