WATCH: Aziz Blesses Us W/ A Teaser & Release Date For ‘Master Of None’ S2

Aziz Ansari‘s Netflix show Master of None was one of the big breakouts of 2015, and definitely one of the better iterations of the increasingly popular ‘comedian does happy/sad Tv interpretation of their own life’ genre. Good enough that it landed an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series as well as Best Comedy Series at the Critics Choice Television Awards.

Aziz dropped a teaser trailer for long-awaited Season 2 on Twitter, and we’re keen as chips:

The teaser doesn’t show us a great deal other than Ansari carving it up on a motor scooter in lush green surrounds. A holiday? A spiritual awakening? Who knows.
Talking to NME last year, Ansari spoke about his vision for how the show unfolds, as compared to something like Parks & Rec:
The overall ideas are about seeing things from other people’s perspectives and empathy, being curious about the world and indecisive and not knowing what to do with your life. Master of None is not like Parks and Rec, which was a huge ensemble cast. In some episode of the show there’s not always a reason my character and his friends need to be together. Sometimes you don’t see people if they’re not needed.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Twitter.