WATCH: Aziz Ansari Tells A Story He Says Was Too Wild For ‘Master Of None’

Master Of None draws its greatest material from Aziz Ansari’s actual life, but it turns out there are facets of his experience that are too serendipitous to make it into the Netflix hit. 

While accepting an award from lauded storytelling collective The Moth earlier this week, he gave a choice example. In true Aziz style, it involves food, New York, and awkward text messages.

Elaborating on one of the high points of the show’s latest season, in which his character Dev had to reconcile his lack of faith with his parents’ adherence to Islam, Ansari spoke about coming out as a bacon-eater. 

Pork, which is a definite no-no to some Muslims, was a big deal for the bloke. After trying bacon as a kid, he decided “from that moment, I was not into religion. It was not for me.”

Going forward, Ansari says “even though I wasn’t religious in my heart, it just seemed disrespectful to my parents, and I just didn’t eat it.” That changed when he grabbed dinner with his parents and his girlfriend as a fully-fledged adult, and he noshed on some pork noodles. 

His girlfriend, bless her, felt a lil’ off about the sitch. Ansari says she initially protested grabbing a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich the next morning; he replied “who cares, let’s just get a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. What’s going to happen?

“What happens is we ran into my parents on the street two minutes later.”

Somehow, a true piece of Ansari’s history was too Master Of None to even make it into the show. Fortunately we’ve all been gifted with his retelling of the event, and you can catch the aftermath here:

Source: The Moth / YouTube.
Photo: Master Of None / Netflix.