Watch Aziz Ansari Read Out The Most Awkward Dating Texts

Oh, good lord. This is way too real.

Dating in the two-oh-one-five means just about everyone has either sent, or received, an ice-breaker text that’s so profoundly awkward that the cringing induced could outlast time and space.
Aziz Ansari‘s been on something of a journey of discovery as of late, and is about to unleash a book that combines legitimate research and study into coupling, dating, sex, and romance in the modern era, with his typical endearingly hilarious delivery.
To promote it, he stopped by The Tonight Show where he and Jimmy Fallon dimmed the lights, put on some smooth music in the background, lit a few scented candles, and read out some of the audience’s most hilariously awful first text exchanges with someone they were either trying to woo, or who was trying to woo them.
My god, it’s funny. But it’s so real it hurts.

Aziz’s book, entitled “Modern Romance,” hits shelves today. You can get at it where all good books are sold.
And if you need a little more convincing, his gloriously retro dating-video trailer for the book should be more than enough.

Go on! Treat. Yo. SELF.