WATCH: Ariana Grande & Co. Try So, So Hard To Get Feminism Right On ‘SNL’

Unless you’ve been living under a decidedly misogynistic rock for the past few years, you’d have noticed the way feminism – and by extension, just the term ‘feminism’ – has piggy-backed its way into pop-culture. The work of women’s rights pioneers and the causes they stand for have been celebrated by an ever-growing number of performers who just think gender inequality is just a shit thing to deal with. 

However, the word’s connotations still seem to throw people off, even if their beliefs mirror those presented in modern feminist ideology. Despite seeming like a straight-forward concept, there’s also a great deal of discussion about who and what can be labeled with the f-word. 

The apparent confusion around such an obviously important ideology spurred Saturday Night Live to feature guest Ariana Grande in their own feminist anthem. Plot twist: it’s more about the awkward limitations people place upon the word, and the endless hand-wringing its usage brings. 

Have a good listen right here:

Source: GossipCop / Playwire