WATCH: Andy Dyed His ‘Mo Grey & Hamish’s Reaction Is Friday Arvo Gold


It’s Friday afternoon, so what better way to end your week than by watching Hamish Blake reacted to Andy Lee‘s new moustache?

There’s none. Literally none. Hamish’s reaction is – and we’re not being overdramatic here – everything.

You see, Andy dyed his moustache grey, and it’s honest-to-bloody-god amazing. Kind of like a cross between a fuccboi and the Monopoly Man. Hamish’s reaction says it all, really.

Has he ever been happier? Well, there was the birth of his son No, probably not.

Mmmmm. It’s confusing, but Andy – the grey is definitely working for you mate.

*fans self*
*experiences acute anxiety at the possibility of a new sexual awakening*
Photo: Instagram / Hamish and Andy.