After President Donald Trump made the call to skip the White House Correspondent’s Dinner – most likely to avoid a roasting not seen since, uh, Seth Meyers torched him at the 2011 event – there’s been a bit of speculation as to how the event will proceed. After all, there’s gonna be a damn big hole at the table of honour.

There’s also been a bit of buzz regarding a possible stand-in. Not another political heavy-hitter, oh no: we’re talking about an impersonator. It’d be a bloody huge buck to tradition, but considering how legitimately scathing some of the speeches have been at recent dinners, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Enter Alec Baldwin. During his latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Saturday Night Live go-to Trump imitator brought the topic up, and said “I wouldn’t say I’m not lobbying” for the gig. Unfurl that double negative, and it becomes clear Baldwin is kinda keen to turn the roast up juuust a bit.

He also gave a dissection of his Trump impersonation, which he admitted was hurled together on the spot. Catch the “lobbying” bit from 2:16 below, or just charge through the whole clip like the trendsetter you are:



Source and photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live! / YouTube.