There are terrifying near-misses, and then there’s whatever the hell just happened at here.

Over the weekend, a man at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport captured amateur footage of two passenger jets coming within moments of a serious collision on the runway, and now, because the internet exists, you can watch the footage over and over to your heart’s content.

The video shows a Russian Boeing 767 from coming in for a landing while an Argentinian Airbus A340 unwittingly taxis onto the runway. 

The 767 – whose pilot was probably screaming some very colourful things in Russian – was forced to pull up and abort the landing at the last second, this avoiding a serious collision.  

An aviation enthusiast by the name of Miguel Angel captured the video, and says that, of the hundreds of times he’s watched planes come in to land, this is the scariest thing he’s ever seen.

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