Watch A Fake Raptor Scare The Living Crap Out Of Rebel Wilson

Raptors have been extinct for quite some time now, but Rebel Wilson is not taking any chances, which is why, on a recent visit to Universal Studios, when an animatronic one lunged at her, she immediately got the hell out of there.

Fortunately, a Chris Pratt stand-in was there to defuse the situation. Even more fortunately, the whole thing was captured on video, so now the world at large can enjoy Wilson’s (over-)reaction to the creature:

Playing with the raptors is SERIOUS!!! #UniversalStudiosCelebration

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She regained enough composure to pose for some photos with the raptor, but she may or may not be getting a call-back about that Jurassic World II audition.

While she was there, Rebel also attempted to sing a duet with Vin Diesel, because why the hell not?

The two also had a “business chat” together, which sounds … intriguing.

This has been your weekly Rebel Wilson update.
via MTV