Watch 20 Years Of Conan O’Brien – The Blooper Reel

Since we suddenly found ourselves with half a dozen new TV channels with capslock-happy names like GEM, GO, ELEVEN, MATE and ONE to fill a couple of years ago, we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the multitude of late night US talk shows that have found their way onto our screens, alongside Friends reruns, news in different languages, and endless ads for steam mops and other useless shit.

The funniest, gangliest and most non-sequiturial US late night host of them all is Conan O’Brien. The pale, ginger-haired 7-foot comedy monster has been hosting his own talk shows – Late Night With Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show (briefly), and now Conan – for 20 years now, and to celebrate, O’Brien and his team have delved into the archives and pulled out some of the best clips from two decades of ridiculousness, including this blooper reel. The gods of TV comedy are ironic indeed, because, hilariously enough, Coco’s team manage to fuck up the live broadcast of it.

Happy Birthday, Conan’s TV hosting career!