WATCH: 2 Aussie Blokes Scammed Their Way Into The North Korean Open

Two Aussie blokes – in the purest manifestation of YEAH THE BOYS yet recorded in modern history – spoke to Channel 9 after they managed to lie their way into the North Korean Open, despite not being that good at golf and having zero credentials to prove their claim that they represent Australia.

Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay, both 28, decided after a leg in Beijing that they’d give the North Korean Open a red hot go, and give it a red hot go they did. All they had was grit, moxie, banter and a couple of faked, but reasonably convincing, blazers. Please watch this immediately.
“We didn’t do well,” Mr Shay said, laughing. “Our caddy said we brought great shame upon our families.”
They ended up not coming quite last – they did beat Nepal – but their so-called ‘casual’ effort didn’t take them much further than than Even funnier is reading the American coverage, as per SB Nation:
This story is beautiful. It’s pure. Stuff like this just shouldn’t happen ever — not to mention the absolute guts it takes to prank North Korea and expect you’ll walk out scot-free, but Ruig and Shay did. Officials realized quickly they were not professional golfers, but they played on. The pair were scared they would get held up at immigration trying to leave the country, horror stories fresh in their minds, but they made it out.
Yeah. The. Boys.
Source: 9 News.
Photo: Supplied.