WARNING: The 1st Pic Of Sonny Foster-Blake W/ His New Sis Is Lethally Cute

Content warning: do not read on if you can’t tolerate gushing.

We were going to start this story with an ‘ICYMI’ but, if you’re on Instagram, you’re most definitely aware that Australia‘s cutest family officially has a new member.

Yup, professional funny lady Zoë Foster-Blake gave birth to her second ridiculously cute child with husband Hamish Blake the week before last, making their 3-year-old Sonny a big brother.
She shared a first glimpse of Rudy Hazel Blake with her more than 584,000 followers, saying the lil’ sprog has “already morphed her parents into gooey love monsters”.

Now we’ve been blessed with the very first photo of Sonny carrying out his brotherly duties, after Zo posted a pearler of him carrying Rudy’s baby capsule like the big strong boy he is.

“We’re out! We’re citizens of the world again! I have shoes on!”, she wrote.


Earlier this week, the skincare guru shared some of the prezzies friends have bought the newest Foster-Blake, all of them feminist-themed because girls rule the world.
It made her a bit emotional, what with all those hormones playing tricks.

“Maybe it’s cos I just finished The Handmaid’s Tale, or I’m feeling the privilege and responsibility entrusted to me to raise a self-assured, wholehearted woman, or maybe it’s just a spectacular lack of sleep, but the fact that my girlfriends have all given me adorably, pointedly feminist gifts for Rudy warms me to my milky, sloppy core,” she wrote.

Mush. We are reduced to mush.

Photo: Instagram / @zotheysay.