Want To Star On Your Very Own Billboard?

Ever wanted to experience the trappings of excessive fame, without having to peel your body from your couch? Ever wanted to do as the ruthless dictators do and fill the streets with your divine image for your ‘adoring’ subjects to revere, without the effort of toppling a government?

This is your time to shine (bright like a carbonated bubble)! As part of the Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling Really Really Ridiculously Refreshingly Refreshing project we’re looking for ‘Non-Celebrity Endorsers’ to get their faces on Billboards over summer. Realistically, sans some kind of Honey, I Blew Up the Kid misadventure, this will be your one chance to see yourself on such a magnificent scale.

For your chance to win flights to Sydney (plus some standout accommodation) and your face Billboard-side click here.