They might be the most famous pair of Y-fronts ever, but would you pay $9,900 for them?
That’s the sum that a cashed-up Breaking Bad fan has paid for the tighty-Walter-Whitey’s that Bryan Cranston wore the first time he ever cooked meth in the ABQ desert. A auction for hundreds of props and costumes from the show wrapped up last week, generating almost $1 million in sales. Other big ticket items that went under the hammer included Walter’s inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass selling for $65,500, Hector Salamanca’s bell for $26,759, and Tuco’s plastic-encased grill for $20,250. Basically, they’ve sold off everything and shut up shop. Sorry Britney, Walter White ain’t coming back.

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Other items we wouldn’t have minded getting our hands on were Hank’s mineral collection (Jesus Christ, Marie), and the Hello Kitty phone, but $9,900 for a pair of undies seems like a bit much. Walter’s un-meth-tionables are currently on display as part of the Breaking Bad exhibition at the Museum Of The Moving Image in New York, and will be shipped to the winning bidder at the end of this month.

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