Walmart Segregates Gays In Unflattering Vest

Walmart: consumer temple for the American masses, a one stop shop for tonight’s vegetables, a year’s worth of hard liquor, large raincoat and shotgun shells (violent pervert?). Walmart may be an all-inclusive place when it comes to items on your shopping list, but when it comes to employees not so much. Former employee, Fernando Gallardo, has filed an official complaint against a Las Vegas Walmart branch after allegedly being questioned about his sexuality by the store’s management, and after revealing he was gay he was ignored and estranged by staff members.

Here’s when it starts to get really good: Gallardo reports that he was forced to wear a yellow vest to distinguish him from the other employees. “I was completely ignored and shunned, I had nothing to do all day but to wander around the store wearing a yellow vest no one else had to wear, much like Jews wearing the yellow star of David in Hitler’s Germany”. Holy shit. Almost no one looks good in yellow. The Scarlet Letter pales in comparison. Walmart has stated the yellow vest marks an “official assistant to customers”, however Gallardo believes they enforced it as a hi-vis warning to customers of approaching gayness. Stay tuned…

Via The Gloss