WA Police Mocked Over Small-Time Weed Bust At Bus Station

Police in Western Australia have caught criticism after posting pictures on social media that showed a minuscule amount of marijuana, confiscated after a drug dog operation at a bus station. 

“Drugs taken off the street!”, WA police announced on Thursday, next to a picture showing a few, sad baggies of the green stuff. 
As the Twitter and Facebook posts were shared, however, they came in for heavy criticism, with many people indignant that WA police allocated an apparently large amount of resources to a small-time bust. 
“So this operation must have cost the tax payer more than the dollar value of the substances you seized, that seems an effective deployment of resources,” said one angry Facebook user, Matt
“Imagine the good PR if you guys went around helping the homeless and building relationships with disadvantaged addicts in our community, rather than wasting time and money on bs operations like this, which only serve to further entrench disadvantage.”
Responses on Twitter ran the gamut from outrage to sarcastic outrage:

Morley Police have yet to respond to accusations they used resources poorly. We have contacted them for comment, although to be fair, their feed has retweeted a few useful public service announcements: