VS Model Shuts Down TMZ Reporter For Asking “Stupid’ Diet Question

~ A Reenactment Of The TMZ Newsroom ~

Two days earlier…

Editor: Hey guys, we’ve got access backstage to the Victoria’s Secret show. We want to do a video and get the models’ responses to the same question. Any ideas?
Reporter 1: What about… how they manage to carry those wings? Their tough-as-fuck fitness regimes? Feminism and modelling in 2015… ?
Reporter 2: Nah let’s ask those starving models what they’re gonna pig out on hueh hueh hueh
Editor: FANTASTIC IDEA REPORTER 2. You do that. Reporter 1 – fuck off back to The Guardian

~ Reporter 2 and Editor skip off for celebratory Mimosas and 8-balls ~ 

NO BUT SERIOUSLY, TMZ went and made a video, going behind the scenes at the VS fashion show and asking the models what food they were most looking forward to eating after the show.

It is literally called ‘VS Fashion Show … Backstage With Hot Models Who Crave Fatty Foods‘.

And the description *literally* says: “The models walking in the ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ already have food on the brain.” 
Serious question: is TMZ just parodying itself now or what?
The models kinda play along, until the reporter gets to Magdalena Frackowiak. She has no time for stupid questions, and ever-so-smoothly shuts him the fuck down. (Skip to 0:46 if you want.)


And ICYMI, we made an appendix of the 2015 VS outfits and their difficulty level to bang in, if you want to get your freak on in style and safety.
Images: TMZ.