Virgo Season & Mercury Retrograde Have Both Kicked Off Simultaneously, Here’s What To Expect

Start decluttering your life and pumping Beyoncé because Virgo Season has arrived, but this one is gonna be bonkers. Why? Because there’s some wack planetary energy going on, including the dreaded Mercury Retrograde.

First up, a bunch of planets are concluding their retrograde, but not Mercury. Nope. That old chest nut has just kicked off at the same time as Virgo Season has begun, which is usually a time for finding order. But finding order during the chaos of Mercury Retrograde will be tricky, so expect some major frustration.

While Virgo Season has us craving peace and clarity, Mercury Retrograde will have us stressing out.

Expect to feel hella emotional — a crying session here and there is inevitable — but from this vulnerability will ultimately come much-needed revelations and hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel.

When all hell is breaking loose, tap into Virgo’s vibes to spring clean your mess of a life.

During this time you might see aspects of your life (be it a situationship, a toxic friend, a bad habit, a bad housemate etc) that needs to be scrubbed from your life.

As tough as it might be, it’s time to get ruthless and channel that analytical Virgo energy to decide if this is where you really want to be right now or if it’s time to make some changes so your life can progress.

Start a new workout regime. Commit to going to bed at a decent hour. Ween yourself off people who don’t make you happy. Limit your boozing to the weekend only. Start saving your $$$.

I would press on and tell you what you should be doing with your life but something tells me you’ve known all along…