All Hail This Viral TikTok Of A God-Like Teen Shoving A 10-Patty Burg Down His Food Chute


Christ, the internet (TikTok) is a weird place. I don’t know how else to preface this yarn. Weird-wholesome, I should say. Weird-wholesome, definitely.

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Earlier this week, 18-year-old Blake Reynolds filmed a TikTok of Ethan Mueller shoving a burger the size of my head down his food chute at a Whataburger in Allen, Texas. It had ten patties, five slices of cheese, and no toppings. It was just meat and cheese and bread. That’s it. And some soda on the side to force it down. And the thing is, the kid actually did it surrounded by an ever-growing crowd of people absolutely losing it over the gut of this lad. I mean it. Only a couple of people initially egged him on, including his mate or a cheeky stranger who wiped the grease off his lip from time to time, and then even the Whataburger staff circled him.

The video went 14/10 viral on TikTok, racking up a smidge over 660,000 likes at the time of writing and almost 5,000 comments. But for those unacquainted with the platform, the video soon made its way to Twitter where it copped a cool 1.5 million views and 31,000 retweets. And then it spread to IG, Facebook, YouTube – you name it, it’s on it.

The burger looks bigger than Ethan’s head to be honest.

I know. I know. Believe it or not, Ethan consumed that monster burger in 20 minutes.

This is me every time I watch it.

Every damn time.

In an Instagram DM, Blake told PEDESTRIAN.TV that Ethan, who he knows through mutual friends, had rocked up to a local Whataburger to beat a previous record of seven patties. Ethan could’ve just downed eight, but no… he ordered ten. Blake didn’t say if it was a record between mates or not, or a record at that particular joint… but still. 

“After finishing the burger, he did throw up but still gave the crowd an amazing show,” he said.

Whataburger told USA TODAY that it wasn’t exactly sure if Ethan had smashed a record or not.

“But this may be the first time we captured someone from the cheering crew wiping sweat off the hero’s brow,” Vice president of human resources and brand communications Pam Cox added.

“Not all heroes go TikTok viral.”