Viewing Party: ‘Being Lara Bingle’ Premieres Tonight

If you prefer consuming your lowest common denominator reality television with an accompanying stream-of-consciousness live blog then by gum you are in luck my friends. Tonight marks the premiere of Being Lara Bingle and if you, willingly, reluctantly or even secretly, decide to tune in then swing on by Pedestrian because I’ll be live blogging the pilot episode and would love your company.

The first season of Ms Bingle’s Kardashian-style reality show is 10 episodes long, and while we are yet to clamp eyes on a single episode, here are a few predictions of what to expect (based purely from trawling through Lara’s Instagram account like a real creep)…

1. AUSTRALIAN FASHION WEEK Lara was front row at several shows and parties including Romance Was Born (below) with her camera crew tailing her closely at all times. We’ll expect to see some interesting footage from Fashion Week’s front line, including her multiple daily outfit changes.

2. GETTING NUDE FOR COCONUT WATER Like any self-respecting and on-trend social personality Lara is super into coconut water and, as the face for the H2COCO coconut water brand, she did this almost-naked campaign shoot in Bali.

3. ROMANCE WITH GARETH MOODY Lara’s alleged romance with Chronicles Of Never creative honcho Gareth Moody was ratified by the laws of the Internet when she posted this photo of him with the accompanying caption “Miss you”.

4. MEETING A TIGER CUB Tiger cubs are fucking awesome so why would they choose to edit this out?

Being Lara Bingle debuts tonight on Channel Ten at 8pm.