VIDEO: Interview With ‘Gossip Girl’ Dreamboat Chace Crawford

If Australia has been feeling a little handsomer than usual, that’s because dreamy Texan Chace Crawford was in Sydney this week. The Gossip Girl actor was in town, briefly, doing press for his role as a Diet Coke ambassador (see super handsome photo of him enjoying Diet Coke below). Pedestrian got to catch up with Chace to complete the second in our Gossip Girl Interview Series. Only kidding. There is no series. But we did meet Chuck Bass this one time.

During the moments we weren’t concentrating on mentally removing his shirt, we discussed the inevitable conclusion of Gossip Girl, his reticence toward social media, his perfect day in New York, a particularly creepy Gossip Girl fan, and his impression of “The Movie Trailer Guy”. Warning: Extreme handsomeness ahead…