Vice’s Gavin McInnes Launches ‘Street Boners’ Book

After splitting from Vice Magazine, Gavin McInnes (one of the magazine’s founding members) threw his penchant for the offensive into a new creative endeavor of equally irreverent content: Street Carnage. The online publication has become best-known for it’s off-shoot of Vice’s infamous DO’s and DON’T’s section: the delightfully named Street Boners, which is a collection of scathing (and generally amusing) sidewalk fashion critiques of innocent citizens that they chance upon in the street.

McInnes has compiled 1,764 boners (or “hipster fashion jokes”) and turned them into a smart new book named Street Boners (gosh!) which includes contributions from Chloe Sevigny, Blondie’s Debbie Harry, SNL alumnae Fred Armisen, and Tim & Eric. If you prefer your literature with sarcasm and a bit of good-natured human belittling, this is the book for you.

Street Boners will be released through Grand Central Publishing on 27 May, but you can order it here right now.