‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Roasted Over Vanessa Kirby And Jason Statham’s Age Gap

Vanessa Kirby

Nobody’s demanding gritty realism from the Fast & Furious movies – this is, after all, a series where cars jump out of skyscrapers and face off against submarines. That said, one particular detail about the Vanessa Kirby and Jason Statham characters in Hobbs & Shaw has some fans questioning what exactly the filmmakers are trying to pull on us.

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The latest film sees adversaries-turned-reluctant buddies Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw – Dwayne Johnson and Statham, respectively – team up to take on a superhuman foe. It also introduces a number of the main characters’ family members, including Kirby as Shaw’s sister Hattie. The actors’ age differences, however, have raised some fans’ eyebrows.

Jason Statham is 52 in real life while Vanessa Kirby is 31, meaning the gap between their ages is 21 years. That’s certainly not unheard-of for siblings, however, the film includes flashback sequences that show the two getting into mischief together as children, and in these, they are depicted as roughly the same age. A number of fans noticed this, and took to Twitter to register their amusement:

The next film may well try and gloss over the age gap or explain it via some kind of twist involving a time-travelling car, but either way, we’re on board.