Val Kilmer Unleashed His Thirst For Cate Blanchett In 2017’s Wildest Tweets

Cate Blanchett is many things: two-time Academy Award winner, ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency, living Australian legend, and apparent subject of Val Kilmer’s deepest, kookiest thoughts. 
In a string of tweets stretching from Saturday, the former Batman and Iceman all but crowned himself Thirstman with this bizarre, non sequitur announcement.

The weirdness didn’t end with a photo that seems like it took Kilmer by surprise and an odd self-own, oh no. The bloke went ahead and retweeted this little gift, apparently after searching through posts with the Cate Blanchett hashtag.

A fair few hours later, the tweets continued with recollections of the time he did meet her – and her supernatural shovel-handling abilities.

We weren’t aware it was possible to lose track of space and time by merely watching a vaunted actress heft some gardening tools, but hey. 
Kilmer then basically gave up the pretence of idle reminiscence with this worshipful tweet. We’ll leave it up to you to visualise his face as he sent this one off.

It was at this point that a few followers asked what the hell was up with his blatant pining. El Kilmerino saw it fit to defend his decisions, and friends, it’s a wild read.

We think it’s worth mentioning that Kilmer interspersed all of this adulation with photos of him at the World Trade Center memorial. Because why not.

Blanchett hasn’t publicly responded to the barrage, and we wouldn’t really expect her to. While we wait for the bona fide queen of Australian stage and screen to formulate some kind of coherent reply to… that, we’re just going to dig even deeper into Kilmer’s compelling social media presence. 

Wish us luck, pals. 

Source: Val Kilmer / Twitter.
Photo: JB LaCroix / Getty.