US ‘Bachie’ Pants-Browner Chad Johnson Says Contestants Would Like Him IRL

Australia is no stranger to reality TV, so stories that come from the the US, the genre’s spiritual birthplace, ought to be pretty bloody wild to make a dent Down Under.

That being said, American Bachelor In Paradise baddie Chad Johnson seems quite adept at denting his own down unders. After getting absolutely gronk, hurling verbal abuse at his competitors, and passing out like a sack of egotistical potatoes, he appeared to save the worst for his own dacks just one episode in.

Despite all of that – rampant televised sexism and involuntary bowel movements included – Johnson now claims that everyone else on the show kinda presented the wrong idea. He’s not actually the belligerent lunk the show made him out to be, he says. Rather, it was the pressure of being on camera that drove err’body to rag on him.

Welp, here’s what the remaining gang actually had to say about it. Yes, it’s still within the on-camera context of a reality TV show, but dang. The bloke wasn’t even there:

Speaking to People after he was booted, Johnson said “I really think that in real life they would like me… I don’t know if I would like them, but they laughed at the things I was saying. 

They were having a good time, but then when it came to down to [being on] camera, they’re like, ‘okay, Chad said something that I can attack. 

And therefore if I make him out to be bad, it will make me seem good.’” 

Of course, after that ordeal, the bloke has been Tweetin’ out all sorts of messages that are sure to win over the hearts and minds of his former competitors. 

Johnson also told People “it became like a TV thing – ‘Oh we’re on camera.’

The more they villainised me, the more they felt like it put them up on a pedestal as a good person. It’s so annoying.” 
When news of your dickery breaks the confines of North America and seeps its way into Australia’s collective reality TV conscience, it may be worthwhile to engage in some honest self-reflection – while not getting blasted and making actual humans feel actually uncomfortable.
And not poopin’ yourself. That’d help, too.

Source: People. 
Photo: Bachelor In Paradise / Facebook.