A Wave Of Explosive Diarrhea Shut Down American Reality TV Series Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide

Ultimate Slip 'N Slide

In what is probably the worst way I’ve ever discovered a reality TV show, the NBC’s upcoming series Ultimate Slip ’N Slide just got cancelled indefinitely because of a wave of explosive diarrhea among the crew… which could have potentially leaked into the set’s water arena and into people’s mouths. Brb, gotta vom.

Ultimate Slip N’ Slide was supposed to be a post-Olympics series centred around that classic game you would’ve played as a kid, where you slide down a plastic mat or tarp, penguin style, while getting hosed or drenched by sprinklers.

NBC said the competition would involve “pairs of siblings, best friends, couples and co-workers in multiple rounds of games, including Human Pong, Body Bowling, Cornhole and Bocce Fall.”

“The two teams that make it to the final challenge will take on the Big Slipper, a multi-part slide meant for only the bravest and boldest players as it determines who will earn the title of Slip ‘N Slide champion and take home the cash prize.”

On June 2, according to The Wrap, NBC stalled (hehe) the production of Ultimate Slip ’N Slide after up to 40 crew members contracted giardia, and experienced… well… the ultimate slip ‘n slides.


The outbreak of awful “explosive diarrhea” left people “collapsing” on the set of the show and “being forced to run into porta-potties.”

I know this reads like a cursed Betoota article, but I swear it’s real.

Giardia is a nasty bowel infection caused by a parasite, and it often leads to violent diarrhea. In probably the worst detail here, it’s usually contracted from getting fecal-infested water in your mouth… So, whomst the fuck shit themselves on the show’s slide???

The set was tested and the surrounding area was revealed to have the parasite, and then filming was shutdown.

Twitter is thoroughly enjoying the fact that Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide is already a euphemism for having the runs, and honestly, same.

Welp. What an absolute shit show.