Netflix‘s no-bullshit docuseries Ugly Delicious has been renewed for a second season, David Chang announced on his social media accounts over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Chang, face of the Momofuku restaurant group – including Milk Bar – recruited the help of his adorable mother to share the exciting news.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Ugly Delicious is coming back for a second season only on Netflix,” Sherri Chang says.

Check out that bloody spread.


As David shared earlier this year, Mama Chang has been battling cancer for 25 years.

If it’s been a bit of a while since you last watched Ugly Delicious, this series is absolutely nothing like… say Chef’s Table. You have Chang taking you to the world’s eating hot spots – a different location for each episode – to talk culture, history, and people. I know this might sound similar to Chef’s Table but Chang, being Chang, rips into almost everything.

Over season one’s eight episodes, there was pizza, tacos, fried chicken, fried rice, and dumplings with special guests Nick Kroll, Jimmy Kimmel, Ali Wong, Massimo Bottura, Nina Compton, and Eric Wareheim appearing.

Netflix has yet to announce an official release date but we’ll keep ya updated.

FUN FACT: On Rotten TomatoesUgly Delicious has a 100 per cent fresh rating from critics and a 74 per cent rating from viewers. Not too bad, not too bad at all.

You can check out Ugly Delicious on Netflix, now.

If you haven’t already, I 10/10 recommend watching Chef’s Table Volume 4: Pastry for Christina Tosi‘s mouth-watering episode.

Tosi is the head of Milk Bar, the bakery behind some of America’s most ‘Merican desserts. Chang appears in the episode as does the ~crack pie~, one of Tosi’s most popular desserts and cereal milk ice-cream.

It’s not actually crack, though. It’s just addictive as hell so people nicknamed it ‘crack pie’.

Swipe, swipe, swipe.

Image: Netflix / Ugly Delicious