Uber Is Campaigning To Get Literal Puppet Agro On I’m A Celeb & Sure, Why Not At This Point

Agro / Uber Eats

Uber Eats, of all places, is using its almighty powers to try and get Agro – the literal puppet from our childhoods – on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here 2021. Honestly, stranger things have happened.

Uber has recruited the puppet to be in its latest “Tonight I’ll Be Eating…” campaign – you know the one I’m talking about – with none other than I’m A Celeb host Dr Chris Brown.

Dr Chris, bless him, tries to give Agro a check-up in the ad, which doesn’t entirely go to plan, but at least they both get dinner.

Check it out below.

Here’s the thing though, Agro wants more. He wants to be on I’m A Celeb, and Uber wants to get him there.

The cheeky ol’ puppet has been spending the past couple of months in a very dark attic. His words, not mine. But it’s time to come out and take back what is rightfully his, read: a spot on prime time telly.

“I’ve seen what a powerful vehicle these Uber Eats campaigns are for promoting restaurants and catapulting unknowns like Kim Kardashian and Serena Williams back into the spotlight and I am absolutely using my moment here to shoot myself into the public consciousness again,” Agro told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Classic Agro, tell ya what.

While the puppet stayed pretty coy about his possible appearance on I’m A Celeb, Agro did hint at it.

“I should be able to share more on where you can expect to see me in 2021 very soon,” he said.

I mean, there is totally a non-zero chance this could happen. Chuck Cash Cow in there too, make them fight. I’d watch that.

As it stands, Network Ten hasn’t announced the lineup for next year’s dose of I’m A Celeb just yet. There have been rumours, but nothing concrete, y’know?

Ten is absolutely aware of what Uber’s up to, though, and they’re playing right along.

“While we can neither confirm nor deny if our furry friend Agro will be the jungle puppet master, our hand will be revealed on Sunday, January 3,” a spokesperson for Ten told the Herald Sun.

January 3rd, for those playing at home, is when I’m A Celeb premieres on Channel 10. Unlike previous years, this season wasn’t filmed in South Africa, but at some ~ mysterious ~ location in northern NSW.