More Batshit Pun-Filled Tyra Banks Interviews Are Surfacing & Please God, Make It Stop

A few months ago, an old ’08 Beyoncé interview from The Tyra Banks Show resurfaced online. In the interview, punters couldn’t help but scream over the assortment of “cray-cray” pun-filled questions Tyra Banks was spitballing at Bey, from ‘Brie-yoncé, what’s your favourite type of cheese?’ to ‘If were Tolstoy. Can you do a Russian accent?’

Tyra later retweeted the viral compilation saying “I was Cray-Cray. Sorry (not sorry) @Beyonce.” We then laughed it off, assuming that this punny segment was an isolated incident.

Boy, were we wrong.

It seems as though this ‘game’ was actually a regular occurrence on the show, as more and more footage of Tyra placing her guests in name-based predicaments continues to emerge online.

Yes, the saga continues.

Exhibit A, an ’09 sit-down with Miley Cyrus, accompanied by these questions:

“Dry-ly Cyrus, do you ever really get, like, sweaty?”

“Versatile-y Cyrus, what’s the one skill that you have that your fans would be shocked to know that you could do?”

CSI-ly Cyrus, what’s your favourite TV show?”

“Spy-ly Cyrus, if you could be invisible and follow a boyfriend around for a day without him knowing, would you do it?”

I am Miley, shooketh and speechless.

Then there’s this interview with icon Mary J. Blige, who had to endure questions such as ‘Sanitary J. Blige, what are the cleanest and dirtiest parts of your home?’ and ‘Little House on the Prairie J. Blige, what was your favourite TV show growing up?’

Enter the following chat at your own risk:

To be fair, I’m not sure whether this segment was complete chaos or true, investigative journalism at its finest.

In other Tyra-related news, she recently spoken out after a resurfaced clip from America’s Next Top Model went viral, admitting that she was insensitive in her critiques of certain contestants.

00’s telly was… a time.