Two Australians Are Vying For Ridley Scott’s YouTube Venice Film Festival Title

Proving that Internet film festival fame is not only for cats, two Sydney based filmmakers, Adrian Powers, 26 and Damien Power, 41, are vying for the inaugural title of Sir Ridley Scott’s Favourite YouTube Film at the world’s oldest film festival, the sexagenarian Venice Film Festival, which kicked off over the weekend. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning AEST. Oh, and Michael Fassbender will be making the announcement (without pugs).

Today’s Herald reports that Messrs Powers and Power have snagged two of the final ten spots in a competition that received over 15,000 submissions. Both are already enjoying the exposure associated with the competition irregardless of wether or not they go on to win the $500,000 prize and the chance to develop a feature film with Ridley Scott, with both filmmakers reportedly courting industry interest and probably having the time of their lives. More Powers to them!

Here’s an introduction to, as well as a full-length version, of Adrian’s film, ‘Scruples‘ and Damien’s ‘Bat Eyes‘ can also be seen below that. Good luck, Powersersers!

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain for Getty Images Entertainment and Michael Fassbender With Pugs