Twitter Thread Warns Fans Of Intense Strobe Light Effects In ‘Incredibles 2’

A ton of (adult) Disney/Pixar fans have flocked to cinemas this weekend to finally watch Incredibles after a solid 14 year wait. To no one’s surprise, the film’s doing spectacularly well and is set to make an estimated USD$182 million on home soil in its debut weekend. Not bad, not bad at all.

If you just look at fan reactions on social media you’ll know the flick’s an absolute hit, there’s no denying it but one user has warned of some pretty intense strobe light effects.

Blogger and Twitter user Veronica Lewis went and saw the sequel over the weekend and after experiencing the lighting effects, decided to warn fellow moviegoers of the possible risks for those with photosensitive epilepsy or who are sensitive to migraines.

Per Epilepsy Queenslandphotosensitive epilepsy seizures are triggered by flashing or flicking lights.

“So, the villain’s weapon of choice in the movie is bright white lights that are at a rapidly flashing/ strobing frequency, with the intent to disorient people,” Lewis explained in a tweet. “One of these scenes lasts over 90 seconds with continuous strobe light, other scenes last anywhere from 5-30 seconds.” 

Lewis’ descriptive audio device warned her about the larger scenes involving the effects but wrote that other times the strobe lights “came out of nowhere”. 

“I am not calling for a boycott of Incredibles 2, or to change the movie. It is very well done, and the strobe lights are an important point in the plot. I just wish Disney/Pixar and theatres alike would issue a warning that the movie contains several scenes with strobe lights.” 

You can read Lewis’ full thread below:

Since posting the tweets, other users have agreed with Lewis that warnings would be both appropriate and appreciated.

In response, Disney has now reportedly instructed cinemas to show warning signs at counters.

Incredibles 2 is in cinemas now. You can view the trailer below: