Alright guys, this one’s a bloody doozy.

Twitter – and we really do mean *all of Twitter* – is melting down right now because one whiny man-baby refused to review the new Ghostbusters film.

In fairness, said man-baby is a film reviewer, so this isn’t a case of a man bravely stepping into the Twittersphere and telling his 34 followers that he won’t be seeing the “all-female Ghostbusters” because you shouldn’t mess with a classic, or… something. (But not the women thing. Definitely not the women.)

He is in fact James Rolfe, a 35-year-old gamer whose YouTube account Cinemassacre has two million subscribers. And he decided not to review Ghostbusters, explaining why in six and a half minutes of utterly dire content.

It is pretty infuriating, and tbqh with you, we don’t really want to embed it. If you must watch it, it’s here.

But his reasons for not reviewing it centre around something he’s deemed “name-make”, whereby the new Ghostbusters is capitalising on the franchise name forcing all of us, for all time, to refer to the Bill Murray classic as the ‘1984 Ghostbusters‘.

Also Harold Ramis is dead. And Han Solo and Chewie aren’t in it. This whole thing gets pretty weird.

But the really important thing to take not of here is that while he’s trying to savage a film for not giving us the ‘Han Solo and Chewie on the Millennium Falcon‘ moment without seeing the damn thing, he also very, very specifically doesn’t mention doesn’t mention the all-female cast.

It seems like an absurd oversight when critiquing this film to not mention the gender-swap, but it’s in fact a very calculated decision that allows Rolfe (and his supporters) to fight off criticism by claiming, correctly, that he didn’t even mention the casting while simultaneously blowing on his dog whistle till he’s fucking blue in the face.

So, yeah, Twitter has positively erupted. It looks like the whole thing began with Patton Oswalt‘s tweet…

….and escalated from there.

Of course, this isn’t a one-sided debate here – this is Twitter. And Twitter has erupted into a giant civil war the likes of which it shall never recover (probably).

This whole thing has descended into one giant clusterfuck where everyone is arguing with everyone about entirely different points.

Or, as you might like to call it, the internet. Fucking peace out.

Source: YouTube / Cinemassacre.
Photo: YouTube / Cinemassacre.