On tonight’s episode of MAFS, someone said the word “schlong” and someone else had a Texas-related anxiety spiral. We’re back, and the good folks of Twitter were ready.

First to the schlong.

Selina and Cody were paired up and their wedding was a glorious evening affair where Selina thought she saw a bonus guest in the form of a possum.

I knew I liked Selina when one of the first things she said to her husband-to-be was “I’m a bit sweaty, sorry”. Same queen!

However the good folk of Twitter were less than impressed when Cody got freaked out by Selina’s commitment-focused questions post-wedding.

Selina then asked Cody at the start of their honeymoon if he was attracted to her. He paused (!) and then said, “it’s like my schlong isn’t co-ordinating with my head” (!!!).

Just what every girl wants to hear the day after their wedding.

The other big reacts of the night were to newlyweds Holly and Andrew. Holly believes in manifesting. Andrew is from Texas. This is most of what we know about Andrew and Holly.

Andrew said in his vows that everything is bigger in Texas cue dramatic pause …. including his heart.

While in Holly’s vows, she quoted both Michael Bublé and Savage Garden. It was certainly a choice!

True romance, my friends.

At this point in MAFS, we’ve met a load of the couples.

First there’s Tamara and Brent. She had some questionable stuff to say about retail workers, he’s foot phobic.

Stuff of the epic love stories there.

There was also hot single parent couple Anthony and Seline and incredibly horny couple Ella and Mitch.

Truly there is something for everyone.

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Image: Married At First Sight / Thomas & Friends