People Are Tweeting Their Oldest Grudges & Y’all Are Holding Onto Some Shit

For all its incredibly weird corners, the internet can be a wonderful place when it wants to be. Today’s morsel of goodness comes in the form of an entertaining Twitter thread.

Posted early this morning, user @Nicole_Cliffe asked for the internet’s “oldest, most cherished grudge”.

We all have one, don’t we? Usually an event from your childhood – almost always involving siblings – that you’ve never been able to shake. A grudge so pure it lives on for decades, bubbling inside you like the hottest, angriest soup you can imagine.

As you’d expect, the Twitter community replied in full force, sharing their own tales of harboured emotions. Nicole kicked off the proceedings with her own.

The next one is a heart breaking three-parter.

Jesus, what an asshole. The next series is just as infuriating.

Yikes. The following series of tweets isn’t exactly a grudge, but a very, uh, creative way of dealing with them.

Hmmmm. Don’t piss off whoever that is.

You can check out the whole thread right here.