The incredible excess of time I ended up with when I made the decision to stop going to any of my contact hours at uni made me do some pretty weird things, which I will not detail here. One thing that I will shamefully admit to doing is putting aside an entire continuous 24 hour period to watch the first 14 Pokémon movies.

I did not have fun. I did not learn anything useful. I wasn’t driven to any unrelated revelations about life. I don’t think I even retained the plot of any past the first three movies. There was no good reason for me to have done this and I would not recommend doing it to anyone else, under any grounds.

In saying that: if you want to, you can do that and even more with incredible ease, thanks to Twitch. In what is surely part of some sort of CIA mind control experiment, the streaming website will be playing 16 of the movies and 932 episodes of the TV show in six different languages.

The streaming session kicks off at 3am tomorrow morning for those on the east coast of Australia, so be sure to get up early if you love punishing yourself for very little gain.

According to The Verge, Twitch won’t be doing this all in one marathon go, staggering the streams so that the content will flow into 2019, which is probably great, if you’d planned to watch all of it but also need breaks to eat, sleep, pee, have a job, etc.

You can find out more about it here.

Let us know if you end up watching all of this so that we can write an article about you that will almost certainly be under the headline ‘Unhinged Pokémon Pervert Destroys Mind With Twitch Stream Of TV Show‘.