Twin Peaks Cast Unites, Appeals For David Lynch’s Return To Reboot

The past six months have been a series of peaks and valleys for fans of sinister Lynchian TV icon, ‘Twin Peaks’. In October last year, we were promised a reboot of the series; in March, the release fell into question, and this week, David Lynch officially announced his exit stage left from the project altogether. 

The news eased slightly with the knowledge that Showtime may well still go ahead with the series – with all nine episodes of the third series completed and written by David Lynch. Knowing a show has been written by the creator it deserves, but being directed by another? It’s the kind of prospect which makes fans weep.
The ‘Twin Peaks’ cast, as well as Lynch’s daughter Jennifer Chambers Lynch are currently feeling all the same feelings as you are, and have banded together to deliver a message to David Lynch – appealing for his return to the project by describing what ‘Twin Peaks’ would be like without its mastermind.
Please don’t go, David Lynch, we’ll eat you up, we love you so. 
Watch below.