Brace Yourselves, A Twilight All-Nighter Movie Marathon Is Hitting Melbourne Next Month

twilight saga movie marathon melbourne cinema nova

Insane movie marathons are returning to cinemas, just in case you need further proof that the world is truly healing. Melbourne’s Cinema Nova (who routinely shows cult-favourite flicks for the hell of it) is going in hard with a lengthy sesh that’ll really do you in — the Twilight saga.

That’s right, the beloved Carlton cinema is about to put on one of the most unhinged movie nights. Not only is it a marathon playing all five Twilight saga films back to back, it’s also an overnight affair. Just to really ham up the chaotic energy.

Cinema Nova has done a few special screenings of the cult-fave teen flick — including one particularly cooked triple-feature that I went to — but this is the first time it’ll be showing all five films in one hit.

The Twilight renaissance is well and truly here, mates. Where the hell have you been, loca?

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a real test of your emotional wellbeing.

On Saturday July 30 the cinema will keep the film reels running from the evening right through until the dawn breaks on Sunday morning. Feels right to be watching Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2 as the literal dawn breaks outside.

Apparently, there will be prizes, games and other giveaways for the dedicated Twihards who park themselves in for a long night visiting Forks. Dress ups are deeply encouraged which absolutely means someone’s going to go ham on the body glitter and brown eye contacts, as is to be expected.

The cinema will also put on a cereal breakfast bar for hungry punters who can’t exist on popcorn alone. The only catch? It’s at 5.15am between parts 1 and 2 of Breaking Dawn. Cursed and delicious.

Tickets for the Twilight marathon are on sale now through the Cinema Nova website — the early session has already sold out and this second showing is going fast, so move quickly if you want to have the most chaotic night of your life.