The First Twitter Reactions To Midnight Sun Are In & They’re As Blinding As Edward’s Skin

The latest and long-awaited book in the Twilight series – Midnight Sun – dropped last week, delighting Twi-hards and drawing reluctant OG fans out of the woodwork. Now that we’ve had a bit of time to chew through the book that gives us Edward Cullen’s POV of the whole saga, reactions to Midnight Sun have bubbled up to the surface. And they’re acceptably hilarious.

I’ll be honest, I’ve read about three chapters of this monster book (which has 29 chapters and an epilogue to it) and I’ve already spent a lot of time audibly grimacing at Edward’s telling of the story. Plenty of fans and sceptics have returned to experience the story all over again from the perspective of the iconic, sparkly vampire, and it’s certainly…interesting.

So let’s go through some of the best reactions, shall we?

First of all, the absolute size of this lad. It’s lengthy, and some fans have noticed it stands out amongst the rest of the Twilight series.

Maybe this is intentional – visually showing how Edward stands taller (and like…centuries older) than Bella, and so his story also needs to stand over her too. Even in the first couple of chapters, I noticed that Edward’s perspective establishes him as dominant and better than everyone else he encounters – who he constantly calls “humans” even though it’s already known and very obvious. Also, he constantly refers to his supposed peers as “children” which isn’t wrong but is pretty weirdly creepy.

Anyway, moving on. Please enjoy some more reactions that have made me sit back and murmur “heh…true.”

Folks, the faux-teenage-but-actually-an-old-ass-vampire-bitch energy is RIFE. I swear Eddy spends the majority of it just brooding and being a stroppy little binch who can’t process his feelings because he’s old as SHIT. Also spends an incredible amount of time at the start trying to figure out how to slaughter an entire classroom of schoolkids just so he can also murder Bella. Coooooool, cool.

Also, there are…typos? How. HOW.

Stephenie Meyer, you had how many years to proofread this book??

I think my favourite reactions have been people comparing the perspectives between the original Twilight and Midnight Sun. Like this:

Some of the reactions (?) have just shooketh me to my very core.

A lot of people have decided that Midnight Sun is simply not enough, and now they’re demanding for Stephenie Meyer to write the whole series from Edward’s POV.

Look, I won’t lie. I’ll probably read it, and be furious about how gaslight-y and generally terrible this ancient, sparkly dickhead really is.

But there’s one thing I’ve picked up on, and I’m sure many other readers have noticed – I’ve been reading the whole thing in Robert Pattinson‘s voice. Which means this has happened, and I’m absolutely livid.

Happy reading, yes I’m going to finish this god damn book.